A downloaded IRC client is highly recommended.
Examples include mIRC, Textual, Irssi or Weechat, XChat, HexChat, LimeChat. Google has more information on the ever-changing list.

Can someone help me?
We'll do our best! In return we just ask you don't make us pry information from you. Don't ask to ask, just ask!
How can I become a member of the staff?
Be respectful, helpful and active; we will notice. Asking for rank will delay the process or even disqualify you.
Where can I play a Death Match game on IRC?
Sometimes #dm is running but we can't guarantee anything.
What bots are present in the channel?
RuneScript supports RS3 while Reinze is specifically intended for OSRS. Ask someone in the channel for assistance.


The topic of the channel may stray from RuneScape topics but within reason.
Swearing is acceptable, within reason.
Do not encourage rule breaking.
#RSHelp staff reserve the right to remove anyone from the channel for any reason at any time.
No operating system wars.
No browser wars.
No advertising.
Don't piss off Dragon.
The channel is not a market. Please use the GE.